John Newman Bio

John Newman? There’s so much to say about someone just starting out. Where do we start? Settle. Lovely place, Yorkshire Dales, not really known as a hotbed of musical talent to be fair. Hopefully John will help change that.

He started playing guitar and writing his own songs at just 14 and pretty soon learned how to record and produce himself, even making his own house tracks and DJing.

A few years later and all the influences start to stack up to form the basis of John’s sound. John’s sound? Think the pure soul and groove of early Stax and Motown. Throw in some tasty James Brown and Prince, dirty it up with a bit of Black Keys, and hell, why not mix it all together with a bit of Dangermouse. It’s all in there, it’s all great, but what really hits you is the voice. That voice. John Newman’s Voice.

At 20 he moved to London, started a band, played some gigs and got signed to Island Records. His keyboard player also happened to be one of the producer extraordinaires in Rudimental. A few beers on a sunny afternoon in a dingy studio and a track called Feel The Love was born. You may have heard it.

Right now John is working on his debut album. There’ll be some gigs in the summer. It’s going to be a very exciting year.